Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


KidZania Manila’s activity content will complement the curriculum of our local school system, enabling teachers to integrate visits with their lessons meaningfully.

The role-playing environment of KidZania Manila will help children learn about how a city is structured and organized as well as explore what professions they might pursue further on in life. This environment will also help them learn valuable life skills such as financial literacy, social interaction, and responsibility for the environment.

KidZania was created for children to experience safe autonomy, the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and to learn within contexts and conditions.

Learn more about KidZania’s educational value here

Every time a kid participates in an activity, he or she is taking on a role in that activity’s story. He is the heroic fireman who must rush to an emergency. She is the brilliant surgeon who treats an ailing patient -- or the forensic investigator who must analyze evidence to solve a case.

Through their role-play experience in the different establishments, kids learn valuable information about the establishment – its purpose, roles, products and services, processes, and even trade advice. Activities in the establishments offer learning opportunities for kids to develop and practice important life skills.

The role-play activities in KidZania Manila are designed to reinforce 21st century skills, complementing the K-12 program's vision for children. 

Click here to see activities available in KidZania Manila.

There are currently over 100 role-play activities that are developmentally suitable for kids 4-17*. Kids can choose activities based on their own interests. Click here to see all the activities available.

For kids 3 years and below, there are establishments dedicated to toddler play, such as the RightZKeepers' House and the Kindergarten.

*Some activities may have height or age requirements

Operating Hours:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 
    •  9AM to 4PM (1 shift)
  •  Saturdays (and some National Holidays):
    • 9AM to 2PM
    • 3PM to 8PM 


  • Sundays:
    • 9AM to 5PM (1 shift)

Yes, of course! You can contact our Ministry of Tourism and arrange a schedule for you and/or your tour operators. 

Please send your request to

Teachers or school guardians must accompany the students during field trips to KidZania Manila. They can observe students as they participate in various role-playing activities. There will be a set number of teachers per group of students.

KidZania Manila empowers kids to explore independently and learn experientially so the role-playing activities are only for children. However, a teacher can assist any student who may be physically challenged as the child participates in the chosen activity.
Teachers can also participate in free play with kids 3 years old and below at the RightZKeepers' House and the Kindergarten.

Yes, there will be an appropriate allotment of waived entrance fees for teachers or school guardians per school group visiting KidZania Manila. 

For inquiries on field trips, send us an email at

Each ticket gives the visitor access to the play city for one shift which lasts about 5 hours. There will be one (1) shift from Mondays to Fridays and two (2) shifts from Saturdays to Sundays as well as national holidays.

Most activities inside KidZania Manila last from 15-25 minutes and kids can complete about 7-8 activities per visit.

No, KidZania’s security requires the responsible school teacher or guardian to remain with the group for the entire duration of the visit for the students’ safety and convenience. 

No, KidZania’s security requires the responsible school teacher or guardian to leave the facility with their group for their safety and convenience.