Junior Zupervisor


  1. All Unli Pazzers ages 9 to 17 years old are eligible to avail of the top up Junior Zupervisor Internship program.
  2. All Unli - PaZZers must present their Unli - PaZZ ID to avail of the Junior Zupervisor Internship program.
  3. The Junior Zupervisor entitles unlimited entry to (1) Kid and (1) Adult companion for one (1) month within offer validity.
  4. The Junior Zupervisor Internship program is inclusive of:
    • 2-hour training and exposure to KidZania values, theme park practices, dancing and more.
    • Unlimited Play before/after the daily activity as a Junior Zupervisor o GroomZkool Uniform Kit:
      • Junior Zupervisor ID
      • Nameplate
      • Two (2) sets of uniform shirts
  5. Junior Zupervisor must be in complete GroomZkool uniform to participate in the internship.
  6. Admission rules as stated in the KidZania Manila City Codes apply:
    • KidZania Manila might, at anytime, verify to its full satisfaction the Visitor's age and/or health conditions.
    • Check-in counters open an hour before the start of the shift; it is recommended that Visitors arrive at least 30 minutes before start of shift. Counters close (2) hours before end of shift.
    • For more information on guest appearance codes, prohibited items, allowed food and drinks, please read our City Codes and Guidelines
  7. Junior Zupervisor Internship Top Up is only valid in conjunction with Unli Pazz product.
  8. Minimum of ten (10) participants are required in order for the program to run.
  9. Maximum of thirty (30) participants per batch will be accepted.
  10. Junior Zupervisor Internship program is non refundable, non downgradable, non convertible to cash or credit and may not be exchanged with any KidZania product or service. It is not valid in conjunction with other discounts and group sales packages.
  11. Junior Zupervisor Internship top up program may be purchased at the KidZania Manila airport counters.

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