Kids Take on Leadership, Responsibility in KidZania Manila’s CongreZZ

CongreZZ Members (7-9 Years Old)

KidZania Members CongreZZ Members (10-14 Years Old)

An exciting destination for dreamers, KidZania Manila is a kid-sized metropolis designed to replicate the real world. Here, children can learn and experience how a community works—from taking on various professions, earning and managing their own money, to cooperating with their peers. They can also learn leadership and good governance as part of the KidZania Manila CongreZZ. 

The first set of leaders was sworn into office recently at the first KidZania Manila CongreZZ inauguration. Led by Senator Juan Edgardo "Sonny" M. Angara, they took an oath in front of the national emblem of KidZania, promising to uphold the values set by the play city and to act as role models to their fellow kids, fulfilling their duties to help build a better world. 

The newly elected CongreZZ Kids are (7 to 9-Year-Old Category): Aria Imao; Badger Tajonera; Caleigh Teng; Ianna Macapagal; Isabel Mariano; Oplex Dilidili; Paula Sarmiento; Pria Temporal; Riana Roxas; and Zinda Vir. They are joined by (10 to 14 Year-Old Category): Ailish Espina; Caitlyn de Lusong; Josh Vir; Leighne Sto. Tomas; Lian Sy; Mika Bosano; Nico Tittel; Raine Roxas; Samantha de Lusong; and Sophie Ti. 

“By being a part of the KidZania Manila CongreZZ, we are empowering our kids to lead and to voice out their views and opinions,” said KidZania Philippines State Governor Maricel Pangilinan Arenas. “It can be a powerful, engaging experience that will teach them to uphold their independence, make their own decisions, and build confidence.” 

The play city’s legislative government body, the CongreZZ, is made up of citiZens, or paZZport holders, of KidZania Manila ages seven to 14 years old. During the application period, CongreZZ hopefuls sought the help of their parents or guardians and prepared a two-minute video featuring the reasons they should be selected as a CongreZZ Kid. They uploaded this on the play city’s website,
A special CongreZZ Panel screened and selected the finalists from the pool of applicants. The shortlisted misters and misses were chosen based on their ability to speak, interact with a group, and the way they share and convey their ideas.  

The CongreZZ elections was among the highlights of the Miting de Pamilya, a special weekend that celebrated the International Day of the Family. CitiZens were given the option to cast their votes through the official KidZania Facebook page, or cast their votes in person at the play city where the CongreZZ candidates campaigned. Kid visitors voted by filling up their ballots at poll stations in the play city, attaching their ballots to their boarding passes, and dropping them in locked drop boxes located at the poll stations.

The campaign period was a good chance for the candidates to get to know their fellow citiZens and share their ideas on how they can help improve the KidZania Manila experience. 

Throughout their one-year term, the elected misters and misses will get to share their ideas and opinions on various topics, including addressing the concerns of tourists and citiZens, and improving their fun learning experience at the play city. They will get exciting perks and help develop programs that benefit other children.

CongreZZ candidates campaigning during Miting de Pamilya (May 14-15, 2016)

Candidates promoted the causes they believe in during the Miting de Pamilya weekend at KidZania Manila. 

CongreZZ Inauguration

The first batch of KidZania Manila CongreZZ Kids was recently sworn into office, leading their fellow kids in building a better world. 

Governor Maricel, Senator Sonny Angara, Mayor Cookie

The inaugural batch of CongreZZ Kids learn the value of leadership from (L-R) KidZania Philippine State Governor Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, Senator Sonny M. Angara, and KidZania Manila Mayor Cookie Bartolome.  

Senator Sonny Angara at the KidZania Manila CongreZZ Inauguration

Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” M. Angara motivates the KidZania Manila CongreZZ Kids to be the voices of their fellow KidZanians.