New Job Opening at KidZania Manila: Marine Conservationist

Marine Research Lab Header

KidZania Manila has just opened its Marine Research Lab, a first in the KidZania global nation, across the entire city where kids do big things. The Marine Research Lab was made possible through a partnership with Century Tuna and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines. 

To celebrate the launch of this new facility, the following were made available from November 12 to 20, 2016:

  • TV Studio - Announce the koolest news in town: the Marine Research Lab is now open!
  • Radio Station - Report about a new Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. 
  • Face Painting - Get your face painted with kool ocean-inspired designs like the one below. 

        Octopus Face Paint

  • Beauty Salon - Get your nails painted with our under-the-sea nail color collection.
  • Bookstore - Help protect our mangroves one story at a time. Tell the tale of the Bakawan!
  • Art and Design Academy - Dive into our newest art collection. 
  • Treats around the city - Buy marine-inspired cotton candy for dessert. 

        Lollipuff fish

  • Fish Market - Promote sustainable fishing. 

What can you expect from the KidZania Manila Marine Research Lab?

KidZania Manila Marine Research Lab Touch Pool

The job runs for 30 minutes and the Lab can hire 10 Marine Conservationists at a time. They will learn the basics of marine ecosystems, carry out a mission, monitor and investigate ecosystems, and present their own findings. Once the job is completed, participating kids will earn 12 kidZos, the currency of KidZania. 

Marine Research Lab Water Analysis

As Marine Conservationists, kids are tasked to study marine ecosystems and come up with solutions to problems they face. There is a touch pool and and an aquarium showcasing carefully selected marine species recommended by an in-house marine biologist that kids can safely interact with under the supervision of an aquarist. 

Let your kids discover their love for science and the ocean at the newly opened KidZania Manila Marine Research Lab. Plan ahead and book tickets here