As part of KidZania Manila’s celebration of National Children’s Month for November, in partnership with National Book Store and the Mexican Embassy, the NIDO® 3+/5+ City Challenge in KidZania Manila will run from November 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 for parents with kids ages 4 to 6 years old.



The NIDO® 3+/5+ City Challenge in KidZania Manila is a 2-month long program where parents and their kids aged 4-6 years old ‘PLAY, LEARN AND LET GO’. It is a unique and engaging experience which aims to empower parents to ‘let go’ and say YES to their kids by doing role playing activities in a safe, realistic and interactive environment while seeing the children try out various roles of their own choice.



A NIDO® 3+/5+ City Challenge card will be provided to the parents at our airport counters.



The parent and kid’s goal is to earn 10 stamps on their City Challenge card by completing activities in the following participating establishments: ACTING ACADEMY, BOOKSTORE, FARM HOUSE STORE, POLICE STATION / CSI and WINDOW WASHING.



The activities may be done in no particular order. There are 3 levels in each of the activities: beginner, intermediate and expert levels – with varying degrees of teamwork or independence needed in the activity. Each level determines: a) if the activity will be done by kid and mom/dad OR by the kid only, and b) the corresponding number of stamps to be earned by completing it.



Visitors who complete the 10 stamps will receive a special treat from NIDO® 3+/5+: 1pc Chicken McDo with rice and Minute Maid 200ml (tetra pack), a NIDO® 3+/5+ sampler pack and a PUSHKART voucher.

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