Benefits for Better CitiZens

Bkz-1 About The Program

Joining is easy!

There are two ways to join and become a CitiZen. 

Option 1:
You may sign up online. Then the next time you visit KidZania Manila, go to the PaZZport Office to pick up your child's PaZZport and pay the one-time Php250 registration fee. 

Option 2: 
When you visit KidZania, go to the PaZZport Office to sign up to become a CitiZen of KidZania. We wiill just ask for a few details just like you would provide for a real passport, take your child's photo, and present you with an official KidZania PaZZport. 

When you get home, create an online profile on this website so you can track your child's progress and achievements.

Get ready to have more fun!

When kids sign-up for B•KidZanian, they automatically become CitiZens of KidZania!

Naturalized CitiZens receive a stamp on their PaZZport for each activity they complete, earn additional 2 kidZos for each salaried activity, pay less 5 kidZos when they redeem items at the Department Store, and enjoy 5% off at the National Store and PikZ Station.


When CitiZens complete 30 activity stamps, they become Distinguished CitiZens. As Distinguished CitiZens, they will enjoy special activities or roles reserved just for Distinguished CitiZens, earn 4 more kidZos for salaried activities, pay less 10 kidZos when they redeem items in the Department Store, get 10% off a the National Store and PikZ Station, avail of special offers  and access to events.

Upon completing 30 more stamps (for a total of 60 stamps), they become Honorable CitiZens.  Honorable CitiZens will also enjoy activities and roles just for them, earn 6 more kidZos for salaried activities, pay less 15 kidZos when they redeem items in the Department Store, enjoy 15% discount in the National Store and PikZ Station, and can also avail of special offers and access to events. They are now eligible for the KidZania CongreZZ, where they can be leaders and design the next generation experience at KidZania Manila.

Get ready to build a better world.

B·KidZanian is available to children ages 17 years and below. A parent or legal guardian's consent is required for enrollment to the program. 

Bkz-2 CitiZenship Levels

There are hundreds of ways to do new things, learn new things, prepare for a better world and earn benefits, all at the same time!


As soon as your kids join, they become Naturalized CitiZens of KidZania and earn or save 2 extra kidZos on every activity they complete. The more kidZos earned or saved = the more activities they can enjoy. When kids earn 30 stamps, they'll become Distinguished CitiZens and will earn or save 4 extra KidZos per activity. And when they earn 30 more stamps (for a total of 60 stamps earned), they'll become Honorable CitiZens of KidZania, earning and saving 6 extra KidZos per activity. The more activities they complete, the more benefits they'll earn and the more fun they'll have on their very next visit!


CitiZens are special because they always try to do their best and they always earn benefits!

Naturalized CitiZen

Upon Enrollment

Distinguished CitiZen

Achieved after 30 stamps

Honorable CitiZen

Achieved after 30 more stamps

Bkz-3 Program Guidelines

KidZania Operations SARL (“KidZania” or “We”) offers B-KidZanian (“B-KidZanian” or “Program”), a loyalty program, to eligible guests who enroll and are issued a valid PaZZport. These Program Rules (“Rules”), together with the B-KidZanian Privacy Policy and other applicable policies, govern eligibility, enrollment, termination and participation in B-KidZanian. Children must be registered by a parent or legal guardian who authorizes their participation in B-KidZanian to be eligible to receive and redeem benefits under the Program.


Eligibility. Children 17 years and below may enroll. PaZZport expires when the child reaches 18 years of age.  Once a child reaches age 18, he or she is no longer eligible to participate. Individual KidZania locations may impose additional limitations on eligibility. Enrollment fee is separate from admission or other fees. Parental authorizations must contain all required information, including an email address or telephone number and the signature of a parent or legal guardian. All enrollment information must be accurate and belong to the child enrolled. Children will be issued their own PaZZport Numbers and those numbers may not be used by other family members or individuals. Enrollment is non-transferrable. Enrollment is valid at participating locations and online at

Participation. Participation in B-KidZanian allows: collecting stamps associated with certain activities, attaining higher levels of status, receiving bonus kidZos, and a wide range of other membership benefits. The benefit structure may vary depending on the KidZania location visited. The current benefit structure for each location shall be available from the PaZZport Office and at: Only the PaZZport holder or their parent may redeem benefits. PaZZport stamps and other membership benefits are not transferable. Once consumed, there are no returns or refunds. Benefits may not be applied to any prior purchases or activities. Benefits are provided under this Program without payment of any fee or other consideration. Benefits are gifts or incentives. Neither you nor your child own any right, title, or interest in them unless or until they are consumed.

Safeguarding PaZZports. PaZZports contain important information and should be handled carefully. If a PaZZport is lost, stolen or misplaced, the parent will have to pay a  replacement fee of P250.00 for a new paZZport. Earned stamps will be re-stamped in the new paZZport. If a PaZZport is used in violation of these Rules, such PaZZport may be terminated. (Please see Termination, below)

Conduct. If conduct at a KidZania location violates KidZania rules, posted instructions, or employee instructions, KidZania may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the associated B-KidZanian PaZZport. Users of KidZania online services must follow applicable rules. If KidZania determines that there has been a violation of its rules, it may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate a B-KidZanian PaZZport or online account. (Please see Termination, below). KidZania may monitor activity related to the B-KidZanian Program to enforce these Rules, other applicable KidZania policies, or to improve KidZania’s services.

Termination. If you would like to close your child’s B-KidZanian account, you may do so any at any time by contacting us a KidZania PaZZport Office or by email at: KidZania reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate individual B-KidZanian accounts for any reason including but not limited to: 36 months of inactivity; in the month and year a child turns 18 years of age; for a violation of KidZania policies; if KidZania suspects any fraudulent activity in connection with the account; or if KidZania is unable to contact a parent through a working email address or telephone number. KidZania may at any time, with or without notice, suspend or terminate the B-KidZanian Program. Upon termination or closure, all associated status, benefits, or kidZos will be forfeited.

KidZos. KidZos have no cash or monetary value. Within KidZania locations, they may be used to participate in activities and to obtain goods or services. KidZos will not be replaced if lost, misplaced or stolen. No copies, reproductions or altered kidZos will be accepted. Any transfer or sale of kidZos for currency or items having value outside of a KidZania location is prohibited. Any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited and void, and will subject the associated B-KidZanian account to termination.

Updates. KidZania may update, change, cancel or alter any aspect of the Program at any time. You agree to accept all notices regarding changes to B-KidZanian electronically at the email address you provided or via a posting to the website. An electronic notice shall have the same legal effect as a written notice.

Governing Law. B-KidZanian is void where prohibited by law. If a part of this Program is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the valid terms of the Program shall remain in force. Certain aspects of the program may not be available in all locations. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA.


Limitation of Liability. In no event shall KidZania, its affiliates or Operators have liability arising from any claim related to the Program, whether in contract, tort, in equity, under statute, under an indemnity, or any other basis. This disclaimer applies to any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay, force majeure, or theft, destruction, or unauthorized access to personal information.