Educational Value

Learn through Play!

Play is an essential part of a child's learning and development. Play allows kids to make sense of the world around them, building physical, mental, and social skills they need to succeed in their adult lives.


Role-play is a form of experiential learning and is an effective educational tool as it encourages children to become active participants in their learning. Child development experts believe that role-play is one of the most effective ways to learn. Children can move about, put themselves in someone else’s shoes, wear a costume and use props, communicate and collaborate with other children, and make decisions in character. All of these allows them to take risks and explore different experiences.

At KidZania Manila, kids have the unique opportunity to explore a multitude of career possibilities in a realistic and interactive environment.

Every detail is intended to project authenticity: from the activity itself, to uniforms and costumes, to the work gear and tools – and even the city interiors. KidZania Manila really is the ultimate role-playing environment for kids!