The KidZania Concept

Welcome to KidZania!

Message from the Governor of KidZania Manila:

Every day, we wake up with the desire to make each visit to KidZania an unforgettable one for kids because we are helping to raise a new generation.

This is a generation of workers, thinkers, innovators, and leaders, who will forge their own unique paths in life, but each leading towards the same goal—to make the world a better place.

KidZania is so much more than a theme park. It is a place of learning that is unlike any other! It was designed by educators and child development specialists to help shape and mold our children into this new generation. KidZania is developmentally appropriate, engaging and provides an optimal 21st century learning environment to prepare children for the challenges and demands of the future.

Moreover, KidZania Manila supports the Department of Education’s K to 12 Program, helps children to discover and nurture their unique interests and giftedness and leads them to their own paths in
the world.

Here they can learn, explore, and discover in a safe and secure environment. From conceptualization to construction and to our everyday operations, the safety of children is of utmost priority at KidZania.

We have also gone through great lengths to make sure that the entire city is accessible and safe for children with special needs and disabilities.

There are activities designed especially with special children in mind, with dedicated KidZania Zupervisors familiar with and sensitive to their needs.

We want to inspire all kids to believe that they can create a better community and a better world, through their creativity, participation and through working together.

Our goal every day is to give them a true milestone experience that they will bring with them in their journey through life.

Welcome to KidZania!

Maria Rosario “Cookie” Bartolome
KidZania Manila’s Governor, President & CEO


KidZania Manila is a safe, unique, and interactive environment where children aged 4-17 can discover, explore, and learn about the adult world – in a kid-sized city built just for them!

It’s a play city built to scale for children – complete with paved streets, transport system, and a functioning economy. With 8,000 square meters of play space, children can explore their interests and learn life skills through over 70 immersive role playing activities. KidZania Manila is located at Park Triangle in Bonifacio Global City. 


About KidZania Manila

In Manila’s only interactive mini-metropolis, kids can fill over a hundred roles across 65 establishments, for a learning experience unlike any other. KidZania has its own culture, economy, symbols and language—say Kai for hi and ZanK-U for thank you, for starters.

Many of our activities in the different establishments are developed together with our Brand Partners, and are facilitated by a dedicated KidZania Zupervisor. They bring to life every role and every establishment, so kids can independently explore, discover, and learn how the real world works.