EGG-citing Easter!

Hop to KidZania on April 21!

Hop to KidZania Manila on April 21!


Enjoy Easter themed treats!

  • Goldilocks Easter Eggs
  • Caramel Buttered Popcorn
  • Milo Special Drinks
  • Candy Corner


Families are invited to celebrate Easter Mass at the ABS-CBN Theater by 3pm.


Each Kid and Toddler gets and Activity Flier upon entering. They also get to claim their FREE Easter loot bag at the Main Square.

Hop onto the Bunny Trail!

Follow that Bunny Trail! The Easter Bunny left goodies for you to find in the city! Using the Bunny Trail Map, find as many Easter Eggs as you can to win exciting prizes!


  • Each visitor will be given a trail map once they enter the city to help them search for clues to help locate the Easter bunny inside the city
  • Visitors must accomplish challenges (activities at establishments) to redeem prizes accordingly.
  • Visitors may redeem their prizes at the Main Square.
  • Prizes:
    • Finish 4 trail stops to get Chocolate Eggs
    • Finish all 8 stops to get a KidZania loot bag and McDonald's French Fries.
      • First 5 to finish all will get room upgrades and vouchers from Aruga.

Hop into the Easter Egg Pit!

B*KidZanian CitiZens get to slide into a pool of balls to find as may eggs as they can before the time runs out. Each egg is EGGquivalent to EGGciting prizes!


Step 1: Register

Sign up by pair, consisting of 1 B*KidZanian CitiZen (must be 3ft and above in heigh) and 1 Adult. Kids 7 yo and above may opt to play alone. Participant/s may only play once. Time inside the ball pit will depend on their CitiZenship level:

Naturalized = 20 seconds

Distingushed = 25 seconds

Honorable = 30 seconds

Step 2: Prepare

For your safety, both kids and adults must remove their shoes and wear socks to play. Kindly refrain from bringing small items such as wallets, keys, cellphones, and jewelry which may get lost in the ball pit.

Step 3: Play

Different colored easter eggs are inside the ball pit. Kids must find and collect as many as they can before time runs out. Adults may only help by keeping the kids' collected eggs inside the provided bag.

Step 4: Redeem

Exchange your eggs for treats. Each egg color corresponds to a specific treat. Treats are not interchangeable and can only be redeemed on April 21, 219, Easter Sunday.

1 Green Egg = 1 Presto or Magic Flakes Jr. Biscuits

1 Pink Egg = 1 Wafu cheese wafer

1 Violet Egg = 2 Wafu chocolate wafers

1 Yellow Egg = 3 Ringbee

1 Blue Egg = 1 Choco or Berry Knots or Pretzels

1 Orange Egg = 1 KidZania goodie

1 Special Egg = One Special Treat bag from URC

1 EGGstra Special Egg = 1 Overnight Stay in Aruga by Rockwell

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