Toddler Areas

Toddlers (kids below four years old) are welcome to play at KidZania Manila! We have two toddler-designated areas located at the Mezzanine level.


RightZKeepers’ House

Toddlers can enjoy the interactive play space designed like a kid-sized house with a kitchen, living room, walk-in closet, and soft-play bedroom. The RightZKeepers’ House features realistic elements like kitchen equipment, toys, role-playing costumes, and soft-play obstacles. 



Toddlers can play with toys, read books, or draw and color. 

One adult or guardian should join the toddler inside the toddler areas.

More options for toddlers:

  • Cheer for older siblings at the Stadium.
  • Watch shows at the Main Square. 
  • Participate in the fun Farewell Parade at the end of the shift
  • Dance in the Main Square during the top of the hour clock tower dance.
  • Be an audience member at the Theater or TV studio.
  • Take photos with RightZKeepers.

*Reminder: Role-play activities at KidZania Manila are for kids 4-17 years old only. Role-play activities have been designed to be developmentally appropriate and safe for kids within the 4-17 age range. Toddlers will not receive a check or kidZos.


Breastfeeding Room

Our breastfeeding area is also at the Mezzanine level near the RightZKeepers’ House. Please look for the room named Baby Care.  

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